Jean-Pierre Jentile

Paris, France : Author “Ogrino, l’Héritage Ancestral”


Paris, France : Author “Ogrino, l’Héritage Ancestral”


J.P. Jentile was born in Paris in 1960, but spent his childhood in both France and Italy. As economist and then international banker, he has travelled all around the world being in contact with different people, culturea and finding there an inexhaustible source of inspiration. His career as a writer grew out of years of inventing bedtime stories for his two sons. An avid reader of Heroic Fantasy, J.P. is happy to share his passion, values, and vivid imagination with the general public through this first novel which has already been a great success in France.

Proposed Topics

“Ogrino, L’héritage Ancestral” is an Heroic Fantasy novel recounting the adventures of a young amnesiac and orphan ogre, who will play a central role in a war, to preserve the balance of the world. The novel is built in the form of an initiatory tale, where the hero is going to develop step by step qualities of responsibility, solidarity and fighting spirit to be able to achieve completely his mission in the service of the common good. By this novel, filled with emotion and suspense, the author wants to heighten the awareness of readers (from 9 years) to the respect for difference and to the refusal of injustice.


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