Beth S. Gersh-Nesic, Ph.D.

New York, NY: Art Historian – Founder and Director of the New York Arts Exchange.


New York, NY: Art Historian – Founder and Director of the New York Arts Exchange.


Founder and director of the New York Arts Exchange, an arts education service, Dr. Gersh-Nesic offers tours, lectures and workshops in various venues, including museums, galleries, artists' studios and arts organizations.

She also teaches art history at Purchase College, and has taught at New York University, Simmons College, Rhode Island College and Hartwick College. She occasionally offers a seminar on translation from French to English at Manhattanville College.

Dr. Gersh-Nesic contributes to the Art History (a member of the New York Times Company). Other publications include books and articles on Picasso, Cubism and AndrÉ Salmon, the poet/critic who was an intimate friend of Picasso’s. She also translates Salmon's art criticism and memoirs in collaboration with Jacqueline Gojard, Professor Emeritus, University of Paris (Sorbonne III) and executor of AndrÉ Salmon's literary estate. Their website for AndrÉ Salmon is

Lecture Topics:

  • Picasso and Les Demoiselles d’Avignon
  • The Story of Cubism
  • Picasso’s Guitar, 1912-14: The Birth of Synthetic Cubism
  • La Bande à Picasso: Max Jacob, André Salmon and Guillaume Apollinaire
  • The Story of Impressionism
  • Gustave Courbet
  • Edouard Manet
  • Claude Monet: Impressioniste Extraordinaire
  • Camille Pissarro: The Father-Figure of Impressionism
  • The Impressionist Women Artists: Berthe Morisot, Mary Cassatt, Marie Braquemond and Eva Gonzalez
  • Vincent van Gogh: Tragic Genius
  • Cézanne and Cézannisme
  • Modigliani and the School of Paris
  • Henri Matisse and the Fauves

Art Tours

Dr. Gersh-Nesic offers private tours of French art in New York and Paris


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$300 per lecture/tour group, plus travel and accommodation expenses

Technical Requirements

35 mm projector and slides provided; Powerpoint only with projector at the venue.

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Beth S. Gersh-Nesic


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