Ted Zalewski

Cambridge, MA: author, educator and actor


Cambridge, MA: author, educator and actor
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Ted Zalewski is an author, educator and Screen Actors Guild/AFTRA actor. He is also known internationally as the foremost historical interpreter of Theodore Roosevelt. He has performed Teddy Roosevelt: Mind, Body and Spirit in over 30 states and in Europe at such venues as the National Theater, the Smithsonian Institution, and the White House. A former college faculty member and secondary school teacher, Ted holds degrees from the University of Illinois, Loyola University, and the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Proposed Topics

Presentation: Vincent: A Portrait by the Postman Roulin

Ted Zalewski portrays the Postman Joseph Roulin, Vincent van Gogh’s loyal friend from Arles, France. Van Gogh’s portrait of the Postman comes to life! In a café in the year 1890, Roulin captures, in an hour, the spirit of van Gogh the man and the essence of van Gogh the artist. “Sometimes strangers can have the most intimate conversations,“ the Postman says, as he begins the story of Vincent’s amazing personal and artistic journey from his native Holland to Provence. Based on extensive research into van Gogh’s life and letters, The Postman has been hailed by a recent Alliance Francaise audience as “intimate, passionate, compassionate, mesmerizing.“


By arrangement


$700-1,250 (plus travel and lodging)

Technical Requirements

None, except a body microphone for large audiences

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Ted Zalewski


P.O. Box 380168, Cambridge, MA 02238