Merci Yanks

Connecticut / New York - Playwright / Performer


Connecticut / New York - Playwright / Performer


A seventh generation American of Creole ancestry, Catherine is a native of Los Angeles. She grew up unaware of the contribution of her family to WWII. In 2001, Catherine inherited a treasure trove of letters, postcards, V-Mails and photographs from her mother. Through these letters, Catherine discovered the history of her family. Their service, sacrifices and love of country and family. Uncles and cousins served in France and Belgium during the War and their letters to the folks back home give a first hand view of life in those war ravaged countries. Over the years, friends have lent her their letters from this turbulent time and, coupled with her family’s letters, Catherine has turned these personal memories into plays and revues. Catherine is a graduate of Mills College and Harvard University.

Lecture Topics

Merci Yanks, first performed to honor the 65th anniversary of VE Day, chronicles the liberation of Europe through letters and period music. The letters, written by American soldiers to loved one back home, tell a story of WWII through the eyes of the "ordinary" GI Joe as he marches through France and Belgium to Victory. Merci Yanks commemorates the bond between the American, French and Belgian peoples and honors those Americans who served a cause greater than themselves.

Catherine will work with Alliance Francaise chapters, community theatres, school theatre programs and other organizations interested in performing Merci yanks. A full performance requires 6-8 performers, male and female performers. A full performance runs one hour. A scaled down performance can be arranged with focus on the process of developing Merci Yanks and assisting groups in producing their own commemoration.




$250 - $500

Technical Requirements

Performance space, microphones, piano

Contact person

Catherine Ladnier


66 Rockwood Lane Greenwich, CT 06830




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