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Philadelphia: Author and Lecturer on French Impressionism and American Impressionism


Ann Saul, a professional writer, has lived in a few different places herself, among them Nashville, Louisville, Miami, Chicago, New York, Paris, and Philadelphia. She has traveled to all the places Pissarro painted (except Venezuela). From her 20 years’ study of Pissarro, she gives you a taste of the “sensations” of those places, and Pissarro’s art. Her study of French Impressionism provides a strong link to American Impressionism because of the interactions between the two groups.

Ann has served as a Guide at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, a Docent at Terra Foundation Museum of American Art in Chicago (no longer open), and a Volunteer at the Art Institute of Chicago. Her book PISSARRO’S PLACES has its own website at She also writes a blog about Pissarro at Her home is now in Philadelphia, but she returns to France frequently.

Her book PISSARRO’S PLACES was recently chosen as an official publication of the Normandie Impressionniste Festival 2013, and will be sold in at least two museums in France (others are pending). It is also on sale during the art exhibition PISSARRO at the Museo Thyssen Bornemisza in Madrid, Spain.

Lecture Topics

All lectures will be presented in English.

  • Pissarro’s Places tells Camille Pissarro’s story in a fresh and different way—exploring the places he painted and his “sensations” as he translated them into brushstrokes on his canvas. Rather than settling for the familiar, Pissarro courageously put himself into new situations in pursuit of different and exciting motifs. You see those places through his paintings, current photographs of those places, historic photographs and postcards, and stories about Pissarro’s life and art.
  • Pissarro’s Paintings—Cityscapes and Countryside investigates the enormous variety of motifs in the paintings of Camille Pissarro. His multi-ethnic background and intellectual curiosity drove him to explore the differences between city and rural locales. The fact that Pissarro could easily transition between city and countryside demonstrates his originality, artistic competence, and ingenuity. Stories about Pissarro’s life will allow us to compare his paintings of city and countryside, with historic postcards and current photographs of the places he painted.
  • Camille Pissarro—More Than an Impressionist - A painting by Pissarro is more than “just a pretty picture.” A successful working artist before Impressionism, and afterwards he embraced NeoImpressionism. Throughout his career, he included abstract elements long before the word was used to describe art. We will explore how Pissarro created an endless variety of paintings, using form, composition, facture, and color, as well as weather and time of day.

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$100 plus air fare, car rental if necessary, and hotel expenses to be negotiated with each location based on distance from Philadelphia.

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A projection screen. I have my own projector and computer.

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