Frederic Pichon

Art History and Civilization


Denver, can travel

Denver, CO: Talks about Art and Culture in France


An architect and Artist of French origin, who spent 30 years in France and has a wide knowledge of historical art and contemporary design


Talks about Art and Culture in France, followed by French wine and snacks to continue the conversation. We call it Le Café des Arts. See web link down the page, there are about 40 topics available so far. A series of lectures of about one hour on various topics in Painting, Architecture and design related to France


TBD (pls contact) but generally good. A good idea to bundle several Talks in nearby locations


$150, travel. No need for hotel if I can stay with a member

Technical Requirements

A projector and a screen are useful. I can provide mine but need to know if I need to bring and install it

Contact person

Frederic Pichon


300 e 19th ave denver CO


720 220 0940


Web site

Contact (other)

Martin Lafitte, AF Denver