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Tour all over the united states


Singer, pianist songwriter Born in the Paris region (France), Ben Boyce moved to the United States, his father’s home country, at the age of 9. There, he discovered the jazz and blues which were to inspire him to become a singer and pianist. Music became an overriding, instinctive passion. He lived from his music, composing, recording and playing in jazz clubs. Then, chance took him into contemporary circus which gave him a new, unbounded field of expression for his work. As co-director and performer at the Cirque du Grand Celeste in Paris, he spent 10 years exploring and developing the interaction between music and circus performance (250 000 spectators) The constantly changing interplay between these two arts served as the feedstock for his composition, his artistic orientation and the presentation of his shows and concerts. The end of this adventure in 2008 was marked by “Drôle de Monde”, a show which he conceived and directed from start to finish. 182 presentations in Paris(2006-2008) for over 57 000 spectators. After that show he decided to focus on the music. In 2009, his 3th record “Ainsi va la vie” with French songs came out with a tour of concerts. Actually he’s preparing a new record and a world wide tour for 2014-2015.


french and americaines original songs from his album "Ainsi va la vie" and Ben Boyce songs , plus some new songs from his album coming in 2014


mars-décembre 2014


-piano-solo-voice: 800 euros (plus travel and accomodation-3 musicians (piano-voice, guitar and juggler musician: (2000 euros plus travel and accomodation)

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piano sound system microphones

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Asdis Dan


2 allée Beethoven, 95690 Nesles la vallée, France


00 33 6 75 18 39 26


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