All the states of the body, a travel around mime





The Compagnie Mangano-Massip was created in 2010 by Sara Mangano and Pierre-Yves Massip to explore the art of mime and its extended forms of expression. They met at the Marcel Marceau School in 1994 and have worked together since graduating, as members of the Marceau Company and as a duo with their own repertoire. Together they have created a body of work based on the meeting of mime and contemporary dance in a form that is first and foremost theatrical. From 2010 theirs shows have been toured around the world: China, United States,,Kossovo, Poland, Iran,Italy, Switzerland, Spain,Engalnd,Israel….. Archibald and Margaret, Pym’s adventures, Tell Me the Truth and Other Stories, The new show: Les Aimants , and a work in progress Life in a Box poetic and accessible theatre which while based in the grammar of mime explores common ground with other art forms, both physical and visual. They are also sought after teachers whose practice is based on the ideas and techniques of the three most important 20 century masters, Etienne Decroux, Marcel Marceau and Jacques Lecoq. Sara and Pierre-Yves are in the vanguard of activity for the renewal of mime through different initiatives in France, such as Mim’provisation and Mimesis. The company is supported by the City of Dourdan and by the Odyssé, scène conventionnée, Périgueux.


What is mime? The mime is for theater that the poetry is for the literature. It is essential, it translates the reality by its poeticessence), It gives to see what is hidden between lines. The act tof mime is never a reproduction, nor an imitation, but a perpetual act of creation: I look at the world, the world communicates to myself an emotion and this emotion puts me in movement. This movement is the first movement of the Mime, I would say even of Theater, that can be abstracted, concrete, give life to a story, a rhythm … The Mime is ,before all, this act of deep connection with the world, the abstract and concrete reality which surrounds us. The mime today indicates in the head of the public a character whit a white face which plays with the invisible or still statues and automatons of the street performance artist. With this conference we want to renew on the public mind the idea of the mime and to restore it in a place of honor between performing arts.


from May to december 2015


1800 euros for the show, not included the transportation, food and hotel

Contact person

Sara Mangano/ autour du Mime


206 quai de Valmy 7501O Paris


0033 (0)603245575