François Adrien

Paris, France: Author of L’Ombre de Némésis, A French sailor in the Spanish-American War (éditions Privat, 2010).


Paris, France: Author of L’Ombre de Némésis, A French sailor in the Spanish-American War (Éditions Privat, 2010).
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François Adrien hails from a family of sailors and travelers. Born in Paris, he obtained a scientific degree, and later completed his education in studying military strategy. His engineering profession, his passion for the sea, and the appeal of foreign cultures have led him and his wife, with their three daughters, to live in various countries on several continents.

François is a graduate of École Polytechnique, École des Eaux et Forêts and of IHEDN (Institut des Hautes Études de DÉfense Nationale).

He is currently working on a new novel on the maritime aspects of the American Civil War, specifically concerning the CSS Hunley in Charleston and CSS Alabama in Cherbourg.

Proposed Topics

L’Ombre de Ném&e;sis, a novel recounting the adventures of a French sailor in the Spanish-American War.

On a quiet night in 1898, the French three-master Némésis sails off Havana to collect a cargo of raw sugar, when the sudden explosion of USS Maine plunges her young captain, Louis AurÉlien, into the violence of the Spanish-American War.

After his first years of discovering life, love and the sea, Louis sails the Caribbean and lands in Cuba, only to abruptly discover the bloody war for independence and the horror of the first concentration camps in history. The United States then declares war on Spain and the Marines land in Guantánamo. Flirting with illegal action out of love for a young Cuban, Gabriela, Louis eventually witnesses the armies and the fleets clashing, and unwillingly participates in the last great conflict of the 19th century.

The novel’s protagonists are based on real individuals, including the French captain (the author’s own grandfather), the Cuban heroine who breaks out of prison, and the cynical reporter who covers the war for the tabloids.

L’Ombre de Némésis received the “Écume de Mer“ and the “Académie de Lutèce“ awards in June 2011.

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