Laurence Raybois

Redmond, WA: Professional advisor on working and living in France and buying real estate in France


Laurence Raybois was born in Provence and moved to the US as a young adult. 12 years ago, she started sharing her time between the two countries and became interested in working as a relocation consultant for Americans moving to France. Since then, she has assisted hundreds of Americans in their quest to become successful expatriates to France, helping them make sense of the visa system and comply with (sometimes contradictory) administrative rules. Laurence offers consulting on all aspects of living in France, including housing (whether to buy or rent), working in France, and children's schooling, and is the author of Chez Moi: The Foreigner's Guide to Buying a Home in France. Excerpts from the book can be viewed at

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Proposed topics

Laurence offers lectures on the following topics:

  • Working in France: The presentation focuses on helping the audience make sense of the visa/carte de sÉjour process and choosing the immigration option best suited to the person’s professional goals and family needs. The same presentation has been produced in an online format and can be used by Alliance chapters in lieu of a live presentation at a fraction of the cost.
  • Teaching English in France: This presentation is the same as the above, but is tailored to the specific needs of those wanting to teach English in France. An electronic written version of this presentation has been produced, enabling Alliance chapters members to have access to this information at no cost to the Alliance.
  • Buying a Home in France: This presentation covers all the practical aspects of the process that are typically French, in addition to the taxes, administrative and inheritance issues that come as a surprise to Americans.


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