Patrick Cerf

Paris, France: Lecturer on Tahitian History and Culture


Paris, France: Lecturer on Tahitian History and Culture
(recommended by Catherine Hamelin)


Patrick Cerf was born and raised in France where he passed his medical degree in 1979. He worked in Madagascar, La Reunion and after specializing in Obstetrics and Gynecology, he spent twelve years in French Polynesia. He went back then to university and after one year at the university of British Columbia in Vancouver Canada and two years at the University of Hawaii in Manoa USA and passed a PhD in social anthropology. He then wrote a book on Tahitian culture and History and on violence against women in French Polynesia. He now works in France and New Zealand and is preparing a new book on gender issues.

Proposed topics

  1. Tahiti, vahine, two words, two myths
    • How those myths were constructed and how they differ from reality
  2. Tahitian vahine, from matriarchy to domestic violence
    • The paradoxical situation of the domination of Tahitian women
  3. The French settlings in the Pacific Ocean
    • The “discovery“ of Tahiti and New Caledonia and how they became French overseas territories
  4. Cultural determinism of sexual orientation through a review of traditional cultures
    • How culture influences our deepest sense of self as well as our sexual orientation


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Technical Requirements

Powerpoint presentation from laptop. Needs video projector and screen.

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Patrick Cerf


86 rue de la Federation, Paris, France


+33 1 53 86 93 88