Beth Susan Gersh-Nešić, Ph.D.

Beth Susan Gersh-Nešić, Ph.D.


Previous Dates: AF de Westchester, NY; AF de Greenwich, CT; AF de Jackson, MS; AF de St. Joseph, KS.
Contact Person: Beth Susan Gersh-Nešić
Honorarium: $300 per lecture plus transportation and hotel
Availability: By arrangement
Program: “Delacroix in Context” : a mini-introduction to Romanticism with a focus on Eugène Delacroix, the foremost leader of the French Romantic Movement. This slide lecture includes images of French and English influences on Delacroix, a brief biography of the artist and numerous examples of his work organized topically: contemporary political situations, orientalisme, animal scenes, portraiture, and still life (quite rare in his oeuvre and included in the Met show). This lecture points out the Delacroix paintings and other Romantic works on view in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which enhance the experience of the Delacroix retrospective at the Met on view through January 6, 2019.“Conversation Transatlantique”: Today speaking engagements with guests from across the US or abroad can be just a mouse click away via Skype, Google Hangouts, Viber, and other internet video communication platforms. Last May, Alliance Française de Greenwich partnered with Byram Shubert Library in Greenwich to bring the French poet Jean-Luc Pouliquen to Connecticut for a live presentation in French and English. The sound quality was superb, evidenced by the lively exchange between the poet in Hyères and his audience seated in the library. The idea was inspired by the book Transatlantic Conversation About Art and Poetry (Conversation Transatlantique autour de l’art et de la poésie), published by Jean-Luc Pouliquen and the art historian Beth Gersh-Nesic, in separate volumes – one in French and on in English, available through Amazon. Based on the enthusiastic response of the audience, we highly recommend exploring this method of bringing long-distance guest speakers to your local venues. For more information on this experience, please contact the moderator for this event, Beth S. Gersh-Nesic,
Bio: Beth S. Gersh-Nesic is an art historian and the director of the New York Arts Exchange, an arts education service which offers tours, lectures and workshops in various venues, including museums, galleries, artists’ studios and arts organizations. She currently teaches art history at Purchase College. Dr. Gersh-Nešić has published on Picasso, Cubism, and the art criticism of Picasso’s close friend, the poet André Salmon: Her specialty is 19th and 20th century modern art and contemporary art.
Blurb: Delacroix in Context; The poetry of John-Luc Poulequin
Topics: Art History Lectures
Location: New York, NY