Christelle Garrigue

Christelle Garrigue
Address: c/o Alliance Française of Greater Phoenix 14415 N 73rd St, Scottsdale, AZ
ZIP Code: 85260


Contact Other: Janine Bobin of the AF de Greater Phoenix
Contact Person: Christelle Garrigue
Technical: One table for book dedications
Honorarium: None if travel fees and one night’s accommodation are provided, plus $50 per diem
Bio: As a French and a language arts teacher, I am passionate about life. I love riding motocycles because it is where I feel the most free and where I push my limits further and further. I adore going out of my comfort zone to discover the world and fulfill my lifestyle and routine. Sharing the most important values such as communication, trust, and the truth is essential and has been a beautiful journey so far. Audacity and curiosity are what make me thrive. « Love » with an uppercase L, will always be the reason of every one of my actions.

As an author, to me, words are a way to express my feelings, my emotions, and my sensations, in a quest for freedom and love. The initial journeys that I offer will allow you to breathe better thanks to the oxygen proposed in the little envelope. Be ready for the benevolent change of yourself ! I will try to feed you, reader, the path of your emotions and penetrate the abysses of your soul. Come meet up with me… I have a lot of energy to give you… You will see, it will just be happiness !…

As an artist, my artwork represents me. My artistic philosophy is to give a second life to ugly objects to turn them into a relative beauty. To me, art is like leaving a souvenir behind so that I can always look back at it.

For my jewelry, I use recycled materials to turn ugliness and the brutality of an object such as inner tubes or tires into something light, precious, and symbolic. It is important to me that people can touch and caress my jewels so that they have a purpose when we wear them. My jewels hold a beautiful philosophy of life and convey values, so women love and are proud to wear them. What I want people to realize that gold or silver is not that important, the values and the feelings within them are what I try to work toward. When I list the materials my jewels are made of, seeing the excitement and the surprise on people’s faces is the best part. Since every single one of my jewel is unique, so I want the people wearing them to be themselves because every person on this planet is beautiful and should be proud of it.

As a painter, I love colors because they represent life and diversity. It makes me feel free and it offers me a moment of calm and privacy. Sometimes, some feelings cannot be put into words on paper, so painting is a way of expressing how I feel without saying anything. Words can be judgemental and cannot be taken away, whereas, painitng is all about a person’s point of view based on the variety of people seeing my artwork. Communication can be efficient by your eyes, and by the body language which is for me a form of intelligence and a source of inspiration. Paintings suggest a new image of today’s world and can also be seen differently depending on the techniques used and the people looking at the paintings.
Blurb: Books edited and published on Amazon: 1. O Deux! Parcours initiatique vers le bonheur… 2. Le Beurre au Soleil. Comment passer à Soi?
Topics: – Topics about Happiness/ How to find your Self/ An initial journey for each of us: – with KIDS, STUDENTS ( in class), – with TEENAGERS ( more psychological effects, in Middle or High Schools, in class), – with BLIND PERSONS ( topic about philosophy of life, The little elements of Nature), – with ADULTS ( questions about our transformation in life) and many topics we could share…
Location: Phoenix, AZ – will travel