Eric Vincent

Eric Vincent
Address: Madura
11 boulevard de la Bastille
ZIP Code: 75012


Previous Dates: Last year Alliances Françaises of Portland, OR, and Frederick, MD, in 2017 Sarasota, Fl, and the years before : Alliance Francaise du Piedmont, SC, Nolrfolk, VA, New York City, Boston, San Francisco, Atlanta, Miami, Salt Lake city, Philadelphie, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Milwaukee, New Orleans, Grand Rapids, MI, Tulsa, OK, Birmingham, AL.
Contact Person: Marie-Claude Barbin
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Availability: October-November 2019 and 2020 throughout all of the US.
Program: French singer-Songwriter guitarist – One man band show
Bio: Eric Vincent was born in a small village of Mayenne (Western France) and began the music by the violin. After years of classical studies, attracted by rock music, he started to play guitar. Still a teenager, he began to play in a rock band and, then, falling in love with the Jazz, in a Jazz quartet. But, since his childhood, he always got a passion for singing and admired poets, songwriters such as Georges Brassens, Jacques Brel, Claude Nougaro… So, with his guitar, he began, soon, to sing and compose songs, participating in various song-contests. Once, winner of one of these « radio-crochets » he got the award to perform with Jacques Brel inQuiberon (Brittany). Jacques Brel attended the performance of the young singer and encouraged him to carry on… That helped probably Eric, who wanted to be a professional singer, to take a decision: to go to Paris, to try his luck. Quite soon the young singer signs a first contract with Barclay, a major French record company, and in the meantime he gets gigs in cabarets like l’échelle de Jacob, left bank Cabaret, where Jacques Brel had debuted, or Le Port du Salut, where he has performed, during one year, with Coluche. when his first single has been released, we could hear his songs on many TV and radio programs, which helped him to get gigs, to open the show, with confirmed French stars like Johnny Hallyday, Claude François, Charles Aznavour, Gilbert Bécaud, etc… After a few years of performances in the Parisian cabarets and several tours in France, he is hired for a concert-tour in the Indian Ocean Islands: Madagascar, Mauritius, La Réunion… The tour is a success and will be, for him, the beginning of an international career.. Today, Eric Vincent who is living downtown Paris on a beautiful barge, has performed in more than 140 countries and in every state in the US, except Hawaï and Alaska. He has appeared on radio and television and made very successful tours of Colleges, High schools and Universities, he has also been invited at several congresses (AATF, ACTFL, MAFLA…). A unique singer-performer-songwriter, as well as a poet and an amazing guitarist, Eric Vincent, with an extraordinary presence on stage, overcomes the language barrier. His showmanship and the lively spirit of his music are simply great, universal. You can feel, in his performance, the inspiration of his world travels. His songs deal with universal themes and touch deeply everybody. No generation barrier, his charisma dazzles his audiences, young as well as adult people, and his electrifying performance leaves them in a heightened state of emotion. They always ask for an encore… “Eric Vincent’s return to New York a success. His Music is universal”(New York Times) “Compositor francès ultrapassa fronteiras da linguagem” (Diaro Damanha – Bresil) “Music for a world without borders” (Singapour Times) “Eric Vincent : Canciòn sin barreras” (Cultura – Mexico) Eric Vincent has been involved in a world-wide project against violence Opération Boule de neige, initiated by a class of 10 years old kids from France who thought that violence on TV programs was a very bad exemple. Eric worked with them, composed a music on their lyrics for the song Jamais plus de violence, directed its recording, then spread out this project all around the world. Eric Vincent is featured in various textbooks: Discovering French Today: Blanc (Level 2) by Valette and Valette (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt ©2013), SAM Contacts: Langue et Culture Françaises, 9th edition, by
Valette and Valette (Heinle Cengage, ©2014.) Sans Bornes (Holt, Rinehart and Winston), Si on chantait avec…Eric Vincent (Hatier/Didier), etc… Survol, Un Pays Quelque part, Lula, Il n’y a de nouveau que c’qui est oublié, Faut-il Encore 2000 Ans?(french lyrics: Eric Vincent- musics: James Taylor), L’or de l’Instant, new CD on which we can hearsongs inspired by Albert Camus, Dino Buzatti, Alfred Jarry…and, also, Etrange Mélancolie, a tune written with his friend Georges Moustaki, the last music composed by the famous singer-song-writter, author of the Edith Piaf’s song Milord. All these albums are available at
Blurb: Eric VINCENT is one of the best contemporary french singer-songwriter in the tradition of « la bonne chanson française » and of Jacques Brel, Claude Nougaro, Georges Moustaki…. Great voice, great guitar player, with an extraordinary presence on stage, his unique showmanship and the lively spirit of his songs, He overcomes the language barriers. He dazzles his audiences, they always ask for an encore.
Location: France, but tours U.S. annually