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The Federation’s One Book One Federation program supports French literacy throughout the United States. By encouraging the reading of one book by all chapters during a single year, the Federation is able to assist in the creation of a reading guide and encourage the formation of reading groups. Each year our committee selects a well-written, engaging book that will appeal to Alliance Française members and students.

2020 Selection:
La Vraie Vie by Adeline Dieudonné

With a humorous and dazzling writing style, Belgian author Adeline Dieudonné has created a magnificent heroine surrounded by wild characters in an acid and sensual universe. This is a gut-wrenching coming-of-age story and an absolutely striking first novel.

It is a house that resembles all the others on the block. Or almost. At home there are four rooms: her own, that of her little brother, Gilles, that of the parents, and that of the corpses. The father is a big game hunter. The mother is transparent, a fearful amoeba, submissive to her husband’s moods. Saturdays are spent playing in the car carcasses at the dump. Until the day when a violent accident changes everything.

From then on, Gilles does not laugh anymore. Our ten year-old heroine would like to cancel everything, go back. Erase this life that appears to her as the draft of the other. The real one.

This book won the Prix du roman FNAC and the Prix Renaudot des Lycéens 2018. It is currently being developed into a movie.

Adeline Dieudonné (born 12 October 1982) is a Belgian author and performer. La Vraie Vie is her first nov

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One Book One Federation

La Vraie Vie by Adeline Dieudonnné
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