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One Film One Federation

Film is an important tool for facilitating language learning as well as understanding of other cultures. The Federation of Alliances Françaises USA is pleased to highlight one very special film each year through its program, One Film One Federation. After a rigorous evaluation, one film is chosen to be the year’s focus film. The film is featured across the nation in Alliance chapter programming for movie nights, film clubs, fundraising events, in classes or more. Member chapters should contact federation@afusa.org for a loaner copy of the film on Blu-Ray. Merci to program support provided by Cultural Services of the French Embassy and the Institut français.

2019 Selection:
Le Brio

The Federation of Alliances Françaises USA is pleased to announce the newest selection in the One Film One Federation program, now in its third year.

The 2019 selection is the dramatic comedy Le Brio, starring Daniel Auteuil, Camélia Jordana, and Yasin Houicha. The film, by director Yvan Attal, won a César award in 2018 for Most Promising Actress (Camélia Jordana). It was also nominated for Best Film and Best Actor and won the Audience Award at the Biografilm Festival. In the Biografilm Europa, the film won the Audience Award prize.

Subtitled in English, Le Brio will be available to all member chapters on Blu-ray DVD for use in their programming. Authorized uses can include showing the film on movie nights, for film clubs, in classes or more. It can be used for fundraising ⎯ Alliances can charge for tickets and then use those proceeds to benefit their organizations.

The film has been released in France and other European countries but has not been released in the U.S., so Alliances can promote it as exclusive.

Description: Neïla, a girl of Algerian descent, lives in a housing project in the suburbs of Paris with her mother and her grandmother. She has good friends in the neighborhood, including a boyfriend named Mounir, an Uber driver. Always a good pupil, she has decided to become a lawyer and to this end has enrolled at the Assas University in Paris. But her first day proves a harrowing experience. Arriving late in the great amphitheater where Pierre Mazard, a seasoned but controversial law professor, gives his class, poor Neïla is taken to task by him, and in words tainted with racism. Some students complain about Mazard’s attitude, which urges the President to intervene. He firmly asks the prof that he do something to redeem himself. And to this end, why not train his victim for the prestigious speech contest Assas is associated with? Reluctant at first, Pierre is forced to accept the deal. But how will Neïla put up with working under the yoke of her torturer? (by Guy Bellinger on IMDB.com)

Merci to program support provided by Cultural Services of the French Embassy and the Institut français.

Renée Amory Ketcham
Alliance Française of Greenwich 

Le Brio Guide Pédagogique (PDF) (in French)