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Film is an important tool for facilitating language learning as well as understanding of other cultures. The Federation of Alliances Françaises USA is pleased to highlight one very special film each year through its program, One Film One Federation. After a rigorous evaluation, one film is chosen to be the year’s focus film. The film is featured across the nation in Alliance chapter programming for movie nights, film clubs, fundraising events, in classes or more. Member chapters should contact federation@afusa.org for a loaner copy of the film on Blu-Ray. Merci to program support provided by Cultural Services of the French Embassy and the Institut français.

2018 Selection:

The Federation of Alliances Françaises USA is pleased to announce the newest selection in the One Film One Federation program, now in its second year.

The 2018 selection is the documentary Swagger, which was nominated for a César. The film, subtitled in English, will be available to all member chapters on Blu-ray DVD for use in their programming.

Authorized uses can include showing the film on movie nights, for film clubs, in classes or more. It can be used for fundraising so Alliances can charge for tickets and then use those proceeds to benefit their organizations.

The film has been released in France and other European countries but has not been released in Canada or the U.S., so Alliances can promote it as exclusive.


“Swagger” is a documentary about life in the projects of the tough Paris suburb of Aulnay-sous-Bois, as seen through the eyes of eleven middle school students, most of whom are first generation French citizens. Speaking directly to the camera as if it were a long-trusted confidante, these extraordinary young people talk about love, being French, life in the projects, and their visions of the future. Swagger seduces not only by the maturity, generosity and frankness of its memorable subjects, but by the filmmaker’s efforts to lift it out of the quotidian by including charming flights of fancy that illustrate the children’s unspoken dreams. Shot in bold colors, with breathtaking aerial photography and a score by Jean-Benoît Dunckel, one half of legendary French electronic duo Air, Swagger is much more than another documentary about children’s resilience in challenging circumstances. But perhaps the film’s greatest accomplishment is to leave viewers feeling they have made 11 new friends in a place they had never dreamed of visiting. 

Renée Amory Ketcham, Alliance Française of Greenwich 

Swagger Pedagogy Guide (PDF)

Swagger Pedagogy Guide (PPT)

Swagger Pedagogy Guide (Word)

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