About the Federation

The Federation of Alliances Françaises USA, founded in 1902, is a nonprofit organization representing more than 100 chapters in the United States. The Federation’s national board is made of representatives from Alliance Française chapters from across the country. The Federation organizes an annual conference, provides grants, showcases literature and film, and publishes monthly e‐mails and periodic e‐magazines that highlight and support the activities of Alliance Française chapters throughout the country.

Board of Directors

Josette Marsh
AF Hawai’i
Vice Presidents
Jack McCord
AF Chicago
Kristin Rapinac
AF Sacramento
Linda Witt
AF Portland
Matthew Wyatt
AF Nashville
Corporate Secretary
Barbara Bouquegneau
French Cultural Center AF Boston
Renée Ketcham
AF Greenwich
Isabelle Leroux
AF Los Angeles
Christina Selander Bouzouina
AF Minneapolis/St. Paul
Annie Seys
AF Washington D.C.
Barbara Tucker
AF Pittsburgh

Program Coordinator

Melissa Saura
Honorary Board
His Excellency Philippe Étienne,
Ambassador of France to the U.S.
Mr. Pierre Cardin
Mr. André Cointreau
Mrs. Hedwige Cointreau de Bouteville
Mr. Patrice Courtaban
Mr. Frank Gehry
Mr. Hubert Joly
Comte Gilbert de Pusy de La Fayette
Mr. Jacques Pépin
Ms. Diana Ross
Ms. Patricia Wells

Our Mission

Our Mission:

The Federation of Alliances Françaises USA supports and inspires its member chapters to promote the French language and francophone cultures.

Our Vision

Our Vision:

A rich cultural connection between French‐speaking and American communities.

Federation, Fondation, Délégation: What’s the difference?

The Federation of Alliances Françaises USA

The Federation, founded in 1902, is a nonprofit professional service organization representing more than 100 chapters in the United States. It is run by a volunteer board composed of leaders from 12 Alliances of all sizes throughout the nation. Its mission is to support the member chapters in their efforts to promote the French language and francophone cultures. The Federation promotes communication on issues of common interest to the chapters through e-mail newsletters, quarterly magazines, annual conferences, an annual awards program and more. The Federation provides grants for educational and marketing programs and runs the One Book One Federation and One Film One Federation programs.

Any official Alliance Française chapter in the U.S. and Puerto Rico is eligible, upon payment of dues, to become a member of the Federation. The Federation’s national office is in Washington, D.C. For more information, contact us at federation@afusa.org.

 La Fondation Alliance Française

The Paris-based Fondation Alliance Française provides oversight of the worldwide AF network, with more than 800 chapters in 130 countries and half a million students. It is the modern-day embodiment of the Alliance Française organization that was launched in 1883 by notables such as Jules Verne and Louis Pasteur.

La Délégation Générale Alliance Française USA

The Délégation Générale maintains the liaison between the American Alliances and the Paris-based Fondation. It is a government-financed body (its staff are civil servants of the French government) that coordinates with French Cultural Services, the Embassy of France, the Consulates General and the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.